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The Forestry Horní Blatná is situated in the North-West part of the Czech Republic at the state border with the Federal Republic of Germany. The forest growths administered by the Forestry have a size of about 25,000 ha, and lie in the cadastre area of a size of 55.000 ha. The Forestry Horní Blatná administers 2 prime hunting grounds. The hunting ground Blatenský vrch (Blatná Hill) at the higher parts of Krušné hory (the Ore Mountains) offers the possibility of the hunting of deer, and the hunting ground of the game park Hájek offers the possibility of the hunting of fallow deer, moufflon, and boar.


The game park Hájek lies in Podkrušnohoří (the Sub-Ore Mountains area), 6 kms to the North-East of Karlovy Vary between the communities of Hájek, Velký Rybník, and Sadov. It was established in 1969. The size of the game park is 418 ha, of which 287 ha are consisted of forest, 113 ha of meadows, 8 ha of waters (ponds), and 10 ha of other areas. The game park is subdivided into three sections – fallow deer, moufflon, and boar ones, which are isolated from each other with a separating fence.

The standardized number of the moufflon is 200 pieces, fallow deer 80 pcs and boar 50 pcs. The strongest moufflon of 228 CIC points was hunted in the year 1974, the strongest fallow deer of 190,98 CIC points was hunted in the year 2007, and the strongest boar of 124,10 CIC points was hunted in the year 2006.


Every hunting guest have to has a valid shooting licence and has to be properly insured against injury causes by perfoming justice of hunting. Everyone hunting guest will be assigned by hunting guide and hunting permit will be made out.The game park includes as its part also a hunters chalet (see illustration) offering accommodation all year round. In the year 2002 a gamekeeper’s lodge was established there as the apartment for the game park administrator (see illustration).